Uniform Policies

PLS Cairo is one of Egypt's leading academic institutions. It is renowned for the quality of its education, the care it gives to its pupils and the sheer breadth of student achievement.
  • SIXTH FORM - YEAR 12 & 13

    SIXTH FORM - YEAR 12 & 13

    Girls Boys General
    Leather/ formal shoes Smart tailored trousers Reasonable length business skirts or dresses (knee length minimum) Blouses / shirts with long sleeves Neutral nail paint​ Leather/ formal shoes Smart tailored trousers A smart belt Tailored long sleeve shirt / Long sleeve shirt with collar.​ Jumpers/ cardigans - plain Jewellery: discrete, unobtrusive, reasonable jewellery ​ ​A watch is highly recommended
  • SENIOR - YEAR 7 - 11

    SENIOR - YEAR 7 - 11

    Girls Boys
    Navy skirt or navy tailored trousers. Blue and white check skirt. Navy jumper with school logo. Plain navy blue or white socks or tights. Shoes – black leather, polish-able. Stud earrings and a watch. Navy tailored trousers with a suitable belt. Blue and white check skirt, worn smartly and tucked in. Navy jumper with school logo (optional) Plain navy blue or white socks. Shoes – black leather, polish-able. A watch.
    Girls & Boys - Sportswear:
    Blue shorts. House T -shirts. White socks. Training shoes. School hooded tops (only allowed in PE lessons).




    Summer Winter
    Dress Skirt/Trousers
    Shirt Jumper
    Socks Tights
    Shoes Shirt


    Summer Winter
    Shorts Trousers
    Shirt Shirt
    Socks Jumper (winter)
    Shoes Socks

    Boys & Girls - Sportswear: White shorts, house T-shirts, white socks, white or black gym shoes, training shoes.

  • Foundation Stage #1
    FS1 Boys & Girls:
      Summer Winter
    Shorts Navy Blue Navy Blue
    Jumper Or Sweatshirt Navy Blue Navy Blue
    Polo T-shirt Red, Green Or Blue according to house colour Red, Green Or Blue according to house colour

School Catering


We put a great emphasis on our students eating a meal that is healthy, nutritious and great to eat. We control the amount of sugar or salt in the meals we provide, and give our students information on the calorific content of school food. Packed lunches and snacks should be prepared in accordance with the School’s health eating policy.
Junior and senior students (Y1-Y13) may bring a packed lunch to School or take a hot lunch. Pupils in FS1-2 should have a packed lunch.
Whilst senior students may buy their lunch on a daily basis, junior pupils should be signed-up on a termly or annual plan.